Hey Thanks, Edith.

by | Apr 28, 2016 | New Zealand | 3 comments

In every hostel, there’s a freebie shelf in the kitchen where people leave the stuff they don’t want anymore. Sounds cool, but mostly it’s just a collection of greasy saltshakers and vegemite.


No one has ever left a hunk of cheese or a bottle of olive oil on the freebie shelf. You always check it, cuz, who knows, right? But the best I’ve ever found was some sunscreen that I later realized was expired.

But then today…

Today was a freaking miracle day. An older English lady and her husband were leaving the country and unloading all their extra stuff. Most of it was gross English-people-food, but I just happened to be walking past old Edith* when she plopped this bevy on the shelf:

*Not actually sure what her name was, but I’m betting maybe 70% likelihood it was Edith.

  1. About a cup of basmati rice.
  2. Half a stick of butter. Not that nasty “buttery spread” bullshit. THAT AIN’T BUTTER, Y’ALL. This was the real stuff, salt and all.
  3. Half a container of pesto, which I’ve learned is a critical component of any delicious meal.
  4. A complete, unused, perfectly phallic carrot.

Basically a backpacker’s dream.

I snatched that shit up faster than you can say “Trump’s a chode.” Which I’ve been saying about once every 20 minutes*.

*Not because I like saying “Trump’s a chode” – WHICH I DEFINITELY DO – but because literally every non-American I meet asks me about him. To which I do a dramatic facepalm and then yell “TRUMP’S A CHODE, OKAY? LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS AWESOME FREE SHIT I JUST SCORED FROM EDITH OVER THERE. LET’S FREAKING TALK ABOUT THAT.”

Anyways, thanks a bunch, Edith, for the awesome meal. You are most definitely not a chode.

A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.

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A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.


  1. Santa (Dad)

    What the hell is a Chode? Is that some fancy schmancy N.Z. expression? I know Trump’s an a**hole, but Chode?

    I thought Edith left you some Vegemite, now that might be interesting. BTW what the heck is Vegemite?

  2. Julian

    I’m wondering what a “chode” is, too, and I grew up in NZ.

    Now, Vegemite is pretty nice. The trick is NOT to smear it on like it’s peanut butter, but pretend it’s priced at “made of gold” point.
    A hint of a smidgen of a bit of a scrape.

    Admittedly, it doesn’t hold a candle to Bovril…


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