Do you think this is a camera?

by | Aug 16, 2014 | Europe | 8 comments

It’s on the ceiling of my hotel room.

I had a weird “maybe there are cameras in this bathroom” experience the other day, so it’s possible I’m just on high alert.

If it’s NOT a camera, WHAT IS IT? Someone, you have to help me with this.

If it IS… I mean, I suppose there’s nothing to do about it. Everyone’s already seen my ass anyways. And if I end up on some Czech sleeping fetish website, what’s the harm, really?

Only problem is – you know when you’ve been sleeping in a loose tank top and you wake up and your boob is out? And then you freak out because you’re laying in a less than optimal position for boob viewing and you KNOW your bedpartner probably woke up before you to pee or something and saw it and now he (she, in my case) won’t want any morning nookie? That’s what happened just now. Except without the bedpartner. My bedpartner is that camera and 20 million Czech pervs.

They’re watching me type this right now, aren’t they? Shit.

Y’all. You have to let me know if my boob becomes a meme, k? I’m serious – don’t spare my feelings, I need to know.

Alright, I’m gonna go get breakfast.

A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.

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A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.


  1. Sarah Moore

    It should be a smoke detector, or sprinkler.

  2. Kelly

    You can’t see it in the picture, but the black part was shiny and round, LIKE A CAMERA, which is why I freaked out about it. But I’ll believe you both so I can sleep. 🙂 Thx.

  3. Candace Martinez

    All of your posts are my favorite, but this one takes the cake, bc remember your boob mishap in Italy?! It was pure perfection. Laughing splashing in the waves with one rogue bare booby doing it’s own thing.

    • Kelly

      I had completely forgotten about this! The best part about that whole thing was Shawn Stone just standing there staring for like 5 minutes without saying anything.

    • Kelly

      Shawn Stone has now made my blog twice. Once about boobs and once about underwear. I don’t know what this means.

  4. Santa Claus

    Did I miss the boob mishap in Italy? I’m sure I would have remembered. Also, your boob has not shown up on any of the perv sites. I have a bot scouring them every day for your picture.

    • Kelly

      I’m not sure I ever told you about the boob mishap in Italy, Dad. It’s basically what Candace said. We were at the beach and a wave hit me and boop! Boob out. Now that I remember it, it’s totally going in my sitcom.


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