Bruges kinda sucks. I recognize that’s not very polite, but I doubt any of you are particularly attached to it, and I haven’t noticed any Bruggians reading my blog, so I’m gonna stand by it. Bruges sucks. (Also, nobody let Janet read this post – she told me to go here and I don’t want to hurt her feelings.)

Thing is, I’m positive Bruges was an adorable city at one point. Today, though, it is full. of. fucking. tourists. They’re everywhere you look. YES, I’m aware that I’m also a tourist, but I don’t count and I’ll tell you why later. The good news is that I’ve heard almost NO English since I’ve been here. This means they’re not American tourists, which makes me feel like a little less of an asshole.

There is a long street in this town – the street INTO the town, in fact – your first introduction to Bruges – and it is completely dominated by American companies. Zara, The Body Shop, TOMMY HILLFIGER!?!?! The only consolation was that the Subway appears to have gone out of business (muuahaha).

There ARE some awesome things about Bruges. First of all, they spell it like six different ways, which is just fun. You can go to Bruges, or Brugges, or Brugge… And you’re going to the same place! I’m going to start doing that with my name.

Other notable awesome Bruggian things:

Pretty rooftops:

Windy streets: (as in winding, not blow-blow-thou-winter)

Shoe scraper things:

Creepy doorknockers:

This little garden:

Brie is €2!

This funny dog thing:

Okay, the buildings are kinda cool:

(just noticed that that these exact buildings are painted on that funny dog thing – Bruges, you are slowly redeeming yourself…)

They put funny things on their windows:

Doors, doors, doors:
(this is for you, Bits)


Tandem bikes:
(okay, I only saw one of these, but it’s awesome, and it makes the list)

This tiny dog:

My hostel (sleeping pods!):

I mean, okay, to be fair, I did have a pretty good day in Bruges. This is getting long though, so new post on that later…

For now, I’ll leave you with this shitty thing about Bruges, just to prove my original point:

Before I left this morning, I filled up my water bottle from the tap in my hostel. A took a swig of it a bit later, and it tasted mysteriously poop-like. I probably have dysentery now. Which may be a good thing, actually, as I’m on an every-other-day poop cycle and I could use a little help.

A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.

A thousand puppies will live forever if you share this post, I totally swear.

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